Estacions Robotitzades

Robotized stations, increasingly used by our customers, are integrated in processes where safety, repeatability and cost reduction are the most important features.

These solutions allow the customer to get a great flexibility to incorporate new products.

Línies FMS (Flexible Manufacturing Systems)

These lines consist in concatenated modules and allow the customer to combine manual and automatic operations. With these solutions we get flexible assembly lines allowing the incorporation of new models and modified designs of existing products.

Màquines Rotatives Contínues

Continuous Rotating Machines (CRM) allow us to obtain high productivity: up to 400pieces/minute. The know-how acquired by our engineers in the development of this type of machinery, makes us one of the few engineering companies in Spain who are able to successfully implement this technology

Màquines rotatives indexades

Indexed Rotating Machines (IRM) allow us to automate assembly processes with many components with great flexibility and high productions.

Estacions semiautomàtiques

Semi-automatic stations are applied in projects where the production or product specifications require manual operations, for example in loading and unloading product.

Manufacturing operations are fully automated including a very high quality control.